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Are you or your student struggling in English? Our EVE tutors are here to help!

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We offer tutoring for all areas of English, at all grades and levels, including university and adult learners. For primary school students who need a hand with their reading, writing and comprehension skills to undergraduates who are looking for help with essay writing skills, EVE tutoring is here to help! At EVE, we believe that strong English skills are essential for the success of each individual. English covers so many topics in our day-to-day life; from writing an email, reading a blog or applying for a new job. Poor English skills can lead to social, emotional and behavioral issues later on, inevitably impacting one’s whole life. That is why, we believe it is important to develop strong English habits as early as possible. As a student grows older, their ability to read, write and communicate becomes increasingly important. EVE tutoring alongside school studies can make a huge impact to the academic success and empowerment of a students life, one session at a time.

Popular Subjects covered by EVE English Tutors

Our tutoring services can work with you or your student's English curriculum and homework to help them learn the material, improve their grades, and ultimately gain confidence. They may even find a new love for English!

"Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs"

-Nelson Mandela